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Asmer Safi


Asmer is a sophomore in Leverett House, hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. He plans on concentrating in Government and Economics and on campus, he serves as the co-President of the International Relations on Campus initiative – Harvard’s only discussion forum focused on issues concerning international politics – as well as the Political Chair for the Harvard College Pakistan Students Association. When not reading about development and politics in South Asia, he can be found listening to Junoon, devouring a nacho bowl at El Jefe’s Taqueria, or doodling in one of his many sketchbooks.


Usman Omer


Usman is a rising junior at Kirkland House from and of the enchanting city of Lahore, concentrating in Applied Mathematics and Economics with a secondary in Government. Usman is interested in international development informed by behavioral insights and intends on weaving a career in diplomacy and finance. Right now, he's working on research related to distressed debt and bankruptcy and in private equity. At Harvard, he serves as the Head Delegate of the Model UN team, and works for a Private Equity firm. When not busy with work, he can be found catching up on recordings of yesterday's prime time Pakistani news debates and listening to Qawalis.

Fouzia Raza

Director of Technology

Fouzia is a rising junior from Miami, Florida studying biomedical engineering. She is currently involved in the Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club and the Harvard Islamic Society. She is interested in the applications of engineering principles in designing devices that help patients with mobility impairments and hopes to conduct research in the area this summer. She is always down for a game of Jeopardy! and loves to spend time with her twin sister. Her favorite food is doughnuts (tied with chicken tikka) and loves to read in her "free" time.


Naina Tejani

Director of Technology

Naina is a rising junior in Eliot House hailing from the City of Lights-Karachi. Naina’s family is originally from Thana Bula Khan, a rural area in the Jamshoro district of Sindh. She is currently concentrating in computer science and can be found talking about the new exciting things she learns in CS. Currently, Naina is working at Dev, a web and mobile app development agency part of the Harvard Student Agencies(HSA). When not busy with work, Naina can be found reading books, watching TV and listening to songs.


Abdullah Shehzad

Director of Logistics

Abdullah is a sophomore at Kirkland House planning on studying some mixture of Applied Math, Economics and Computer Science (he's as confused as you are). He is the treasurer of the Harvard College Pakistani Students Association, plays for the Harvard Cricket Team (he's mostly benched), and is a member of the college's debate team. Proud of his Pakistani heritage, you can find him in Harvard dining halls, whining about how good Lahori food is in comparison to the bland dishes on the menu most nights of the week. He religiously follows the Pakistan Cricket Team as well as (unfortunately) the Lahore Qalandars, loves listening to independent Pakistani artists and enjoys reading about history and politics.


Nosher Zapoo

Director of Logistics

Nosher is a rising sophomore from Hunza in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. He is planning on concentrating in Economics but could have easily have had a secondary in Comedic Studies (he's sad that it doesn't exist at Harvard). He loves to spend time with friends and is well-known for making others laugh with his witty jokes, be it in Urdu or English.  Watch out though, you might be the target of his next comical remark!


Hamaad Mehal

Director of Social Media

Hamaad is a rising sophomore in Canaday. He is from a lil' town called Fayetteville, Arkansas. On campus, he is a part of the Arete Fellowship and is excited to be more involved in the IOP this semester. As for potential concentrations, he is looking at Social Studies or Economics. Fun fact, he was almost arrested at the Canadian border for being too honest (crossing the border with food). Hamaad also enjoys chocolate milk, the NBA, street pool, and most of all, his Mama and Nani's cooking. 

Iqra Noor

Director of Partnerships

Raised in Sialkot, Pakistan, Iqra Noor is a sophomore at Harvard College on a pre-medical track joint concentrating in Neurobiology and Linguistics with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. On campus, she serves as the Director of Public Service for Harvard College Pakistani Students Association, Chair of Community for Harvard Primus, and a tutor for recent immigrant teens and elders in Boston. She is always looking forward to a good laugh, eating Biryani and Gol Gappay, and traveling with family and friends.


Fatima Taj

Co-President of HCPSA

Fatima is a sophomore in Mather House pursuing a concentration in History and Literature. She got involved in PSA her freshman year and first joined the board as secretary. Some of the other things she does on campus is write for the Harvard Political Review and is part of The Seneca. In her free time, she loves to paint, read, and watch Marvel movies. Family, friends, and good food bring her the most amount of joy so if you see her on campus be sure to say hello!


Ibraheem Khan

Director of Finance and Co-President of HCPSA

Ibraheem is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois studying Applied Mathematics and Economics. Outside of PSA, he is an analyst for the Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners and a Senior Investment Research Analyst with the Harvard Financial Analysts Club. Having interned with a local accounting firm in Chicago, he's quite interested in startups, especially those in the accounting sector. He enjoys poetry (e.g. spoken word, shayari), honing his Urdu, and the occasional FIFA match. Fun fact, his parents have the same birth date!